As your business activities increase in volume and complexity, it becomes increasingly vital to stay on top of the laws and regulations which govern national and international exchanges.

For both natural persons and legal persons, we can provide expert advice to help you negotiate the profusion of legislative texts which apply to international trade. We can tailor our services to the requirements of your production, distribution and negotiation cycles.

Commercial contracts

  • Negotiation, analysis and drafting of all contracts and legal documents relating to business activities

Specific contracts relating to commercial activities

  • Negotiation and drafting of commercial leases,
  • Acquisition, transferral and investment in commercial interests,
  • Management lease agreements
  • Transferral of commercial assets (leases, brands, patents)

Establishing a distribution network

  • Drafting distribution agreements (sales partners, franchises, designated vendors, exclusive distributors etc.)
  • Analysing contracts to ensure that they comply with all applicable commercial laws and regulations
  • Drafting general conditions of sale/purchase etc.
  • Analysing specific sales strategies