Having acquired a formidable depth and breadth of expertise with respected local firm LYON JURISTE, LAWRÉA’s leading partners put this wealth of professional knowledge at the disposal of fellow lawyers, accountants and notaries, in the form of a range of highly-specialised training courses dealing with various areas of tax law. These training exercises can be delivered directly, or via professional associations. The topics of these training modules are regularly updated, covering all of the key features of tax law while also touching on germane elements of corporate and social law. LAWRÉA’s close partnership with TERRÉSA as part of the ÉLOÏSE consortium has allowed us to enrich the content of our training courses with examples of taxation issues specific to the agricultural sector. In order to further expand our spectrum of expertise, we also work in close partnership with Robert El Saïr (founding partner of the firm LYON JURISTE) and Marcel Luherne on matters of Tax Law, and with SELARL FAYAN-ROUX, BONTOUX & Associates for subjects pertaining to social law.

LAWRÉA’s leading legal education experts: Luc GIL, Laurence ROBIN MARIETON, Christophe LALLEMAND, Didier THEROND.

Training Formats

Day-long seminars (half-day condensed courses available in special conditions). Training materials developed by the LAWRÉA team. All participants will receive a folder with documents allowing them to follow the training and take notes. We can provide advice with regards to obtaining funding for such training from the relevant public bodies. Courses offered all over France.

Fiscal Law

  • Unlawful management decisions and right infringements
  • Latest tax developments
  • Latest developments in the sector
  • Associations and tax status
  • Local Business Tax (CET)
  • Fiscal auditing
  • Determining your operating results for tax purposes
  • Individual Limited Liability Company (EIRL)
  • Managing corporation tax
  • Tax on profits: tax credits and reductions
  • Income tax: understanding and completing your declaration
  • Fiscal consolidation
  • Wealth tax: fiscal management
  • Holding companies
  • Financial regulations
  • Capital gains: exemptions
  • Capital gains for individuals and companies
  • Civil Property Holding Companies and other property schemes
  • VAT on property
  • VAT– new developments in the past three years

Company Law (SELARL FAYAN-ROUX, BONTOUX & Associates)

  • Latest developments in social law
  • Company saving schemes
  • Agriculture and wages
  • Suspending employment contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Terminating employment contracts
  • Employee representatives
  • Specific business sectors

Rural Affairs

  • Rural law and agricultural taxes: UNECA, in partnership with TERRÉSA, offers a range of training options nationally.
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