Network & Partners

To respond to clients’ needs and to complete its multidisciplinary offering, Cabinet LAWRÉA has set up various partnerships with law firms specialised in labour law and civil litigation as well as with notaries and asset managers.


As part of their joint development action, LAWRÉA and TERRÉSA are members of the AGIRAGRI network ( This national network brings together chartered accountancy firms and a law firm whose exclusive representatives are Michel HardouinJulien Forget and Maryse Badel. The members of this network have decided to pool their own professional expertise in fields such as chartered accountancy, law and engineering for the benefit of the agricultural world, whilst remaining financially independent.

The idea of associating the chartered accountants’ firms of Michel HardouinJulien Forget and Maryse Badel within the AGIRAGRI entity is for the following reasons, objectives and philosophies:

  • Pool the professional knowledge of members in order to develop and ensure the loyalty of the of their respective clients;
  • Jointly define products to offer to clients, pricing policy and the resources required to disseminate these products;
  • Work in a framework of compliance with the shared values of the network’s associates (ethics, conviviality...);
  • Offer farmers and their opinion leaders full visibility and identification of the network members;
  • Promote the network’s brand name nationally and internationally;
  • Initiate information and communication actions targeting network members, markets and opinion leaders;
  • Be responsive to the identified needs of clients of the network members;
  • Enjoy national coverage.


Cabinet LAWRÉA supports the private management departments of various banking institutions (in-house training and consulting in restructuring): CREDIT AGRICOLE CENTRE EST, BARCLAYS GESTION PRIVEE, CREDIT MUTUEL GESTION PRIVEE, AXA GESTION PRIVEE.

Training for banking institutions

The firm offers training in tax law to corporate and private managers in various banking institutions.