The fees charged by the firm are calculated on the basis of the time spent on a case, with a basic hourly rate which varies (between €130 and €300 before tax – VAT charged at applicable rate) depending on the experience and degree of specialisation of the lawyers assigned to the case.

To the extent that it is possible to identify the work required and the time this will take, a pre-arranged package price may be possible. In such cases, a quotation and mandate will be drawn up before work begins.

Additional fees may be charged dependent, with the client’s agreement, on respect of a specific deadline, a specified result, or on account of the difficulty of the case.

When a client agrees to entrust a case to our care, an advance on the predicted fees will be requested.

Fees are billed monthly as the case progresses. A full breakdown of all services provided is also sent to clients each month.

In the event that the client should choose to abandon a case before its conclusion, for whatever reason, the fees accrued for all services already performed by the firm are payable in full.

Fees are payable as soon as the invoice is received.

Delayed payment shall incur penalty charges calculated at three times the current legal base rate of interest, as well as a legal supplementary charge of €40  to cover the administrative costs of recouping the monies owed.

Travelling costs are charged per kilometre travelled, at a rate of €0.58 € before tax - VAT per km. 
Other fees incurred by the client’s business will be invoiced precisely, with detailed receipts